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Delilah’s asleep in my arms, she’s so quiet compared to the babies I hear screaming from the other rooms I got lucky lol. I can’t wait to go home. These doctors don’t let me rest 5 minutes without stabbing me and these hospital beds suck.

chelseaandkin asked: Congrats! She's gorgeous! :)

Thank you very much!

Anonymous asked: She's so cute!!!

Thank you!!

acetoba93 asked: Congrats. On the baby! Hope labor went well she's adorable!! I'm super jealous you had your baby on my due date. :)

AWH thank you! Labor was exhausting lol you’ll be having yours soon!

infamita666 asked: Your daughter is beautiful. Congratulations. ♡

Thank you so much! x

misseswelch asked: Congrats on your daughter!! How was labor? Feeling relived now? I can't wait to meet mine any day now.

Labor was painful and tiring but I’m defiantly relieved, good luck! And thank you!

Beautiful baby Delilah was born at 1:39 am! 6lbs 5oz 20 inches!

Anonymous asked: Yay!!!! Make sure to post a photo once you are ready, let everyone greet and hold her first though! She will probably be beautiful <3

Definitely! Thank you!

accioharrilynponroe asked: Good luck!!!! :D <3

Thank you!!!!!


I have been admitted to the hospital and Delilah is coming within the next 24 hours!

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